Our production

Ricamificio “La Perla” works on semi-finished items, components, pieces of clothing, leather goods or other materials:

  • It does hand paintings, embroideries, prints and appliqués;
  • It executes different types of dyeing: single, roll, “degrade”, shaded or blotted; 
  • It realises any decoration, trimming, complement or finishing from sketches, drafts or drawings;
  • it creates accessories, kits, extras or ornaments of its own initiative, craft or inspiration;

Both according to Customers’ requests and on its own inspiration, vein and ideas, Ricamificio “La Perla” reconditions, gives the finishing touch, completes, improves, corrects, retouches and takes care of any clothing or textile product and item.

Ricamificio “La Perla” places its own craft, deftness and skill at its Customers’ disposal, be them both Companies or private people and it realises any item and product either from its catalogue or out of it creating “ex novo” with products made in Italy.




Marketed Products

 Hand-painted products

Finished products





Che Perla di Occhiali

Ricamificio La Perla di Bellacci B. & C. snc - P.iva 01743800516

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