Che perla di occhiali


You have never thought about this object.
But now that you have seen it you won’t make without.
We have labelled it. And it’s…. “Che perla di occhiali” (“What pearl glasses”)

“Che perla di occhiali” is an accessory, an appliqué, an ornament, an interchangeable moveable piece of fashion jewellery you can apply on one or both sidepieces of your glasses.

It suits any kind of glasses: prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, sport glasses, leisure glasses, free time glasses, etc., and any user be it a man, a woman, or a child.

It was born on the basis of the realization that glasses are a very widespread object and they are an everyday part of our life, habits, and personality. But for this very reason, and above all when we have to wear them, we sometimes get tired of them, we get bored and we don’t want to wear them anymore.

So, why not make them new, different every time, and suitable to our personality, mood and state of mind?

Nowadays glasses have very different forms, styles and looks; they are made of the most different materials and have infinite colours, nuances and hues.

You can already find on the market glass frames with the most different appliqués, ornaments and decorations, but they are all fixed, stable, and immoveable.

“Che perla di occhiali” is, instead, an interchangeable accessory for any kind of glasses   which embellishes, characterises and modifies their appearance.

It’s realised in natural textile materials which have been treated and modelled handcraftedly, then assembled sewed and refinished with small pieces which are typical of clothing in such a way as to compose flowers, animals, characters, symbols, and so on... in any possible and imaginable colour.


Its peculiar features are:

  • the presence on the rear side of the represented image of two elastic eyelets which allow the object to be inserted on the sidepieces of your glasses
  • its versatility, actually the very same accessory can be coordinated with all our glasses, it’s combinable with any other accessory, and it’s also changeable as you can apply it in different ways on the sidepieces of your glasses
  • its infinite combination of figures, forms, characters, objects, symbols, etc. in every possible colour



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